The ABBA Vision

We live in four worlds and yet we forget. ABBA Vision is seeing more than meets the physical eye, about seeing all Four Realities: Physical, Psychological, Transpersonal, and Transcendent.

Through ABBA Vision, we can help remember the four worlds.  By embracing all of our reality, we have the power to bring together the scattered parts of our divided selves.

See the four worlds and each of their parts and let your vision inspire you to take the right path when you find your place in the Four Worlds.

Uncovering the Meaning of Life

The word “ABBA” means “father.” It is transliterated, not translated, from the Greek New Testament. ABBA is Jesus’ word for the Holy One of Israel, his Father, and Our Father, the reality we call God.

ABBA Vision helps you see the reality of who you are, who you are meant to be, and how to live. We show you how to use the four worlds tradition on a journey of self-discovery. Take part in these teachings to rediscover your true identity.

The word ABBA is an acronym for the Four Worlds, and it is also a palindrome, four letters that read the same forward and backward. It reflects the Four Journeys of Incarnation, Ascent, Mission, and Reunion, the Fourfold Journey of Life and Return that each one of us is on during our life on earth.

Through the ABBA Vision, we see and experience all four realities of life: Physical, Psychological, Spiritual, and Transcendent.

A Spiritual and Mystical Tradition

The ABBA Tradition book published 2020 will help you recognize your fourfold reality. Reunite the parts of a divided self through the ABBA Tradition. Published by Archway Publishing, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

Open your “I” to all of the worlds around you. Discover the Ladder of Consciousness in your life.

Reality consists of four different worlds. Understand how to journey through these four worlds from the ABBA tradition.

We never stop on our journey of learning about the true self. Read our latest blog posts for more on our teachings.

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