ABBA Tradition

Restart your journey in life when you learn about The ABBA Tradition. We help you understand the realities of the four worlds and how they affect you.

The ABBA Tradition

Tree of life graphicWe live in four worlds, and yet we forget. The ABBA Tradition is a way of remembering, a way of bringing together again the scattered parts of our divided selves, a way of rediscovering who we are. The ABBA Tradition understands reality as consisting of four worlds, four realities, or four realms: Physical, Psychological, Transpersonal, and Transcendent. This is the Worldview assumed in Judaism, Christianity, and the emergent civilizations of the western world, including Modern Science. The ABBA Tradition is about remembering all four. Seen as a whole, the four worlds reveal the Tree of Life, the life-giving tree growing in Paradise, in Genesis and in Revelation, the first and the final book of the Bible, in the beginning, and in the end. The image of the Tree of Life is a visual metaphor and representation of the four worlds.
The ABBA Tradition is a complete tradition that sees God as Father and whose scriptures are written in an alphabetic language. Both Judaism and Christianity are forms of this tradition. More specifically, the ABBA Tradition is based on the following four principles:

  1. Reality is fourfold: ABBA is an acronym composed of the first letter of Hebrew names for the Four Worlds: Aziluth, Beriah, Barakah, and Assiah.
  2. Reality is personal. ABBA is a word that means Father.
  3. Written words can reveal reality. Words veil, reveal, and re-veil reality.
  4. In the ABBA Tradition, these revelatory words are alphabetic.

The ABBA Tradition tells a story, the whole story. The story of who I am, who you are, who we are, and what reality is. It is important to tell the whole story again in the twenty-first century for four reasons. First, we have lost the ability to distinguish Soul and Spirit. Second, we have lost the ability to recognize the reality of spiritual entities. Third, we have nearly lost the ability to recognize the meaning behind the word God. And fourth, because of the confusion and uncertainty about the meaning of soul, spirit, and god, we no longer seem to know who we are.
Soul, Spirit, God, and Self are words that point to realities, but the words are not the realities. The words veil, reveal, and re-veil reality. We are not who we think we are.

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