What is the ABBA Vision

ABBA Vision exists to help individuals experience who they actually are and who they are meant to be. If you are wondering, “what is the ABBA vision?” we invite you to explore the ladder of consciousness through the ABBA Tradition.

ABBA Vision

ABBA Vision graphicABBA Vision is seeing the worlds around us. Worlds – not world. ABBA Vision is more than a worldview; it is a worldsview, because we live in four distinct and interrelated worlds.
The ABBA Tradition provides a map of reality called the Ladder of Consciousness or Jacob’s Ladder. The Ladder describes the realities in which we find ourselves and shows us where we are within those realities. The Map is a guide for personal journeys, telling us where we came from, showing us the many ways in which we may go and directing us toward the one way we are meant to go.

The Ladder of Consciousness and the Tree of Life

ABBA Vision is about seeing the whole as well as the parts. It is a way of seeing the reality of who you are, and the reality that lies within and behind the words and worlds in which you live. It is seeing that what we call real can refer to one or more of four different and distinct realities.

ABBA Vision is seeing more than meets the physical eye. Consider the word ABBA. ABBA is a word that means father. It is transliterated, not translated, from the Greek New Testament. ABBA is Jesus’ word for the Holy One of Israel, His Father, and Our Father, the reality we call God.

And the word ABBA is also a palindrome, four letters that read the same forward or backward. It reflects the Four Journeys of Incarnation, Ascent, Mission, and Reunion, the Fourfold Journey of Life and Return that each one of us on.
ABBA is also an acronym composed of the first letter of Hebrew names for the four worlds: Aziluth, Beriah, Barakah, and Assiah. ABBA is a linguistic and literal reminder that Physical, Psychological, Transpersonal, and Transcendent realities are the whole story, One Holy Whole.

ABBA Vision is a Theory of Everything, a TOE. The word theory comes from the Greek theory that means viewing and seeing. The term TOE today most commonly refers just to a theory of everything physical. The ABBA Vision refers to everything, physical, psychological, spiritual, and transcendent. So, we can call it the One Theory of Everything.

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