Personal Consciousness

Understand the reality of the World of Personal Consciousness when you study with us. The ABBA Tradition helps individuals experience soul and spirit in their Journeys through life.


Psychality is the World of Personal Consciousness. It is what moderns call psychological reality, and the tradition calls the Soul World. It is the World Within, the personal and private reality which each of us experience as separate individuals. This inner world is a separate reality, every bit as real as the physical but obeying different rules and with very different characteristics. To experience this difference, all you need to do is look at a physical object and then close your eyes and see that object with your mind’s eye. Compare the external physical object with the object seen in your mind; one obeys the laws of physical nature, the other does not. Look at your hand. Cut that physical hand, and it will bleed. Then look at the image of that hand in your mind. Cut that psychological hand, and it need not bleed.

What is your soul? Your soul is the reality that only you experience. It is your very own personal, individual, and unique reality. It is the reality that only you experience. In fact, it is the reality that only you can experience. You can describe your soul world, but no other person can ever actually experience it. The soul world is the world of “you,” you the individual, the only you who ever was, is, or will be you. Your unique you. Indeed, one might say that the Soul is the reality that is you, the answer to the question, “Who am I?” But that is misleading. The soul is indeed the reality we commonly refer to as “I” but who “I” am is more complex and interesting than it seems to be at first. There is your physical eye, the little i or ego that you think you are, the I that you actually are, and the AYE that you are meant to be.

Psychological development is the process of going from who you think you are to who you actually are. Spiritual development is the process of transforming who you actually are into who you are meant to be.

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