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Ascending the Ladder of Consciousness: Ways to Actualizing Who You Are

Realizing who someone’s truly meant to be is a demanding job. But with Hattwick’s the ladder of consciousness and the tree of life, actualizing this ideal self becomes easier.

The ladder of consciousness and the tree of life is at the center of Michael Hattwick’s book and ideology. He presents these concepts as guides for people’s journeys, helping them identify where they came from and showing them the many ways to reach the direction they’re destined to be in.


Today’s blog will focus on the concept of the ladder of consciousness. This particular ladder may have similar concepts and various perceptions in modern society, but what Hattwick uses is the one from Hinduism. Their ladder of consciousness is one of the most elaborate and detailed maps for awareness, which can help guide people toward liberation. This liberation they’re talking about is regarding people’s concept of self, wherein through this ladder, they’ll be free from what society tells them to be and instead be who they’re truly meant to be.


Besides sharing about the spiritual traditions and culture, the primary purpose why Michael Hattwick wrote The Abba Tradition is to guide his readers in pursuing their natural ambitions and achieving love, especially within themselves. The Abba Tradition may guide people to realize their true and perhaps “elevated” selves.


Going through the multiple realities that Hattwick has mentioned can be a subconscious process. This means not everybody recognizes when they’ll actualize their identities or where they are in the process. However, in modern-day society, this process can be simplified by going through these specific steps:


Define Core Values and Beliefs


Before anyone can step toward realizing their identity, they must first establish what they believe in and the views that make up their perception of life. By defining these values and beliefs, they’re building a solid foundation for their identities and the direction of their lives.


These will also serve as a solid groundwork for people’s personal philosophies, governing their choices and behaviors, which help build their lives. Therefore, defining core values and beliefs makes it possible for people to know where they currently stand compared to their ideal selves and where to steer their lives and their choices.


Grow, Evolve, and Change


One way to help individuals find themselves is by breaking free from convention and the norms they have grown comfortable with. Challenging oneself through new experiences is an excellent means to change for the better. Constant reinvention effectively identifies where and in what version of themselves the individual thrives the most.


When an individual chooses to be stagnant in life, comfort may make them feel as though they have actualized who they need to be. But in reality, this comfort that comes with a familiarity only limits their potential. Additionally, welcoming change allows someone to reevaluate their dreams or the direction of their lives.


Change the Environment


One’s environment influences the person’s life and growth a lot. People are the total of their experiences and a reflection of their environment. This environment isn’t only associated with the physical surroundings a person is enclosed and exposed to. But it also includes the people and circumstances that the individual encounters.


As with plants that can only grow with ample land and with the presence of a caring individual, people will only grow depending on who they spend time with.


This is why people typically get “being with the right and supportive crowd” type of bits of advice when they’re experiencing some challenges in life. A change in one’s environment can positively influence and change one’s life. Hence, a person needs to be with the right people that can help them identify and achieve their ideal selves and lives.


Get Rid of Limiting Thinking Patterns


With the previous point of welcoming change and growth, an adjustment must also be made regarding who an individual thinks they are. It will be tough when one has changed physically and has surpassed previous capacities yet stays in a negative mindset about themselves. This specific mindset negates their newly found, which will still limit their potential and block their way to success.


The first step to eliminating limiting patterns is identifying the instances when they’re done. Constant self-criticism and doubt are some of the few examples of this pattern, which can lead to missing excellent opportunities for self-growth.