The Four Journeys

Take the path you were meant for when you learn about the Four Journeys of Life. The ABBA Tradition helps individuals ascend the Ladder of Consciousness.

The Four Journeys

There is a highway that runs through the center of the four worlds in which we live. The Ladder of Consciousness is a map of this highway, of the Highway between Heaven and Earth, and from physicality to Divinity. Our experience of life takes us on four journeys through those worlds: the Journeys of Incarnation, Ascent, Mission, and Reunion. We may choose to follow the road, read the map, or not. In this book, we follow the map.

The Ladder of Consciousness and the Four Journeys

The First Journey is the journey of Incarnation. It starts at the top of the Ladder, before the Beginning, and descends into the beginning when God creates time, the Heavens, the Earth, and Mankind. And it finishes in the Physical World where and when my soul wakes up and becomes conscious of itself incarnate in a physical body.

The Second Journey is the Journey of Ascent through the psychological world. It begins with awareness of sensible reality and continues as I become aware of who I think I am, then who I actually am, and if all goes well, who I am meant to be. Here I discover why I am now here, and receive my mission. This is the end of the Second Journey. Knowing who I am meant to be gives my life meaning and purpose. It also shows me that I have work to do, a mission to go on, a third Journey to take.

The Third Journey begins when I begin to pursue my mission to transform who I actually am and the worlds that I am in. It is the task of a lifetime, my lifetime. Fulfilling it will fill my life full of blessings and will make my life a blessing.

The Fourth Journey is the shared Journey of Homecoming. It is the return of the Prodigal son to his Father, of the Prodigal sons and daughters to Abba, Our Father. It is the healing of all the Worlds. Some say Homecoming is a long way off. Others see it near at hand. Either way, this Journey is well underway.

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