The purpose of life on Earth

The purpose of life on Earth.

The purpose of life on Earth is to make the Worlds below reflect the Worlds above. ABBA is a symbolic word that visually represents that purpose. It is the same word whether spelled forward or backward. The four perfectly symmetrical letters of ABBA can be seen as symbols for the four Worlds as they are meant to be, with the psychological and physical Worlds below perfectly reflecting the divine and spiritual worlds above.  This reflection is what is meant by the Lord’s prayer: Thy will be done on Earth as in Heaven. May it be on Earth as it is in Heaven. May I be the blessing I am meant to be. Heaven on Earth. As above, so below.

But how is it in Heaven? Heaven is a biblical word for the transpersonal reality that we share with one another, the reality that is neither physical nor uniquely personal. There is war in heaven, conflict in the transpersonal reality of the seven heavens. “And there was war in heaven, Michael and his angels waging war with the dragon.” [1]This War in Heaven is going on in the lowest three heavens, called in the ABBA Tradition The Veil, The Firmament, and The Skies. Above these are the Four Heavens that touch the realm of the Divinity, beyond the War in Heaven.

ABBATradition tells us that we are made in the image and likeness of the Holy One, and that each of us has the potential to be, and is meant to be, a perfect image and reflection of Divinity. Personal transformation is the process of becoming who I am meant to be, of transforming Self into SELF, the World of Forms and Images (Iezirah, Yezirah) into a World of Blessings: ABia into ABba. The Soulworld, your Soul, is meant for perfection, to be a perfect reflection of the Worlds above. The soul fulfills its purpose when it becomes a blessing. When that happens the Soulworld is filled full of blessings and the promise made to Abraham is fulfilled again. “I will bless you, and make your name great, and you shall be a blessing.”[2]Each of us fulfills our purpose when we become a blessing. To make that happen takes work, hard work, soul work. When it happens we fulfill our essential role in the Great Work, the work of perfecting all the Worlds, of transforming ABba into ABBA.

[1]Rev 12:7

[2]Gen. 12:2.