Find the path to the Divine World when you join us at The ABBA Tradition. We embrace the tranquility of Transcendent realities.

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There is more to reality than just body, soul, and spirit. Above, beyond, behind, beneath the physical, the psychological, and the transpersonal is another reality – another world. A world that transcends the physical, the psychological, and the transpersonal Worlds. This highest of the four worlds is called Azilut, the Hebrew word for ‘nobility.’ As nobility is to the King, so Azilut is to the Holy One. In English, we call this the World of Divinity. Divinity is near God but is not God.

What is this fourth reality, this Divinity? It is the reality which gives direction and structure to all the Worlds. It is the reality that creates, orders, and directs all that is. The story has an Author. The play has a Divine Director. In the physical world, this divine direction manifests as time running from past to future and gravity determining down and up. In the psychological world, it is the reality that directs me toward that which is good or true or beautiful or pleasant for me. In the transpersonal World, this divine direction allows us to distinguish better from worse, true from false, right from wrong. And in the divine world, direction manifests as God’s Will and our purpose. Take away order and structure and direction in any world, and there would only be chaos.

Divinity has been described as the reality that pre-existed Creation, a reality that subsists but does not exist. This reality is ineffable, trans-rational, mystical, mysterious; and yet language can say meaningful things about it and consciousness allows us to experience it. It is the ultimate reality, that which is behind the three realms of body, soul, and spirit, that than which there is no greater. From the point of view of consciousness, it is trans-rational, both a mystery and also my story.

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